For your edification and amusement:

From Early in the Morning:

The Life and Times of Art Boland

The book has sometimes been referred to as The Bears, Bibles & Boys of
the 20th century for those who are aware of that tome. It includes Art's
time as the first Camp Ranger at Camp Read in the Adirondacks as well as his growing
up days. It is written in a way that only Art could do and you can hear him telling the
various tales as though you were sitting with him in a room or at the campfire.
The proceeds will go to Art and Shirley with a small share to the
CRAA for their efforts in seeing the project through and in their interest to preserving
an important part of the history and lore that was and is Camp Read.
They should also be available in limited quantities at the Council Office and in the

Trading Post at Camp this summer, but to get your copy right away, please print out the order form
and mail to The Red Fin Press.