In Memoriam

It has come to our attention that two very important and influential friends of Camp Read have passed on.

On Oct.15th of this year Dot Smith wife of Fred Smith who was the Scout Executive of the Council when the current Camp Read was acquired. Dot passed away at the age of 89. Dot was a great strength behind Fred and all the trials and tribulations of the early days of Camp. Dot was also the mother of Murray "Butch" Smith who was the Nature Director for several years at Camp. Dot was also an active part of the early business end of the camp operation and a friend of all who were on staff at the time. Many of you will remember the Smith Family from their attendance at the Reunion when the Fred Smith Award was first presented. Much of the tone and success of the early years of Camp as we now know it was in no small part due to Dot and who she was and what see so willingly gave to Camp.

On Nov. 12th of this year we lost another true friend of Camp. Mary Cooke, wife of Joe Cooke passed at the age of 85. The contributions and the support that Mary gave to Camp during the many years she and Joe were a major part of setting the tone and development of camp are difficult to measure. All one had to do to know was to have met and been with Mary over those years. As important as Joe was to the development and growth of Camp it would not have been possible without the support and encouragement Mary provided. The contributions that the whole "Cooke Tribe" made to camp made it a much happier place to be and to work. We thank them all for this. Just as we smile when we think of the many things that they were responsible for.

So we take a few moments here to recognize two of the truly Pioneers of the development and growth of what we now all know and love that has become the Read Scout Reservation. Without people like these two Camp would not be what it is today. We smile and say Thanks to these two good friends. And we send our thanks and gratitude to those who survive these two wonderful people.