Photo Gallery


I continue to be behind in updating the Photo Gallery, I have been given some new pictures, I have a bunch to go through, I just need to find the time to do it. It will be before the 2009 Pot Luck Dinner, I promise. Ski season has just ended, and with Ski Camp 2009 coming to a close, I will find myself with some free time. 

Tom Hunter has taken some great photos from the 2008 Pot Luck Dinner. Here is a link to his page, I will be moving these to our photo galleries soon

Steve Sudack has sent along about 350 pictures from the archives. I will be adding these to the photo galleries shortly. I will be asking people to please identify

Well, its official. The all new photo galleries are up & running. Sorry it has taken so long. I have some movies from Jeff Gold that he has sent along, I'll be linking to them shortly on this page, and I have some of my own movies from the reunion dinner that I'll be posting shortly as well.

The galleries are not as organized as I'd like, but, they are there. I have to label each photo, put a caption and upload them, so, please allow me some time. 

But!! Send me your photos!! I'll be taking a bunch this weekend, please send any digital pics you take. If you can, send them to me in approximately 1,000 pixels x 750 pixels (or thereabouts, that's about a 4"x6" photo at high quality), keep the quality as high as you'd like, just make sure you don't send more than say 10mb in any 1 email. 

Send any info you'd like me to post about your pictures! I would love to put anything up, just let me know what it is. 

Thanks for your patience, let me know how you like the photo galleries! Email me here.


Check back soon! More photos will be added.