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All About Us

Mission Statement

The Camp Read Association is a formal organization of friends of the Curtis S. Read Scout Reservation in Brant Lake, NY. The Association is dedicated to supporting the high quality, vitality and enduring values of the Reservation.


The Association works closely with the Greater Hudson Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America, in the pursuit of scout camping excellence at the Reservation and in the maintenance, growth and improvement of the facility.

The Association is committed to the ideals of Scouting, guided by the principles of the Scout Oath and Law.


The purpose of the Association is to provide constructive and positive support to the Reservation in the following principal areas:

  • Camp promotion, staff development, program, financial support and facility maintenance and development

  • Preservation of the history and lore of the Reservation

  • Fellowship among members of the Association and other friends of the Reservation, for example  dinners, five year reunions and other activities.

  • Communications among members and other friends though our bi-annual newsletter, our website, periodic e-mail and our Facebook page.


Present and former scouts, leaders, parents, camp staff and friends of the Reservation, who share the values of the Mission Statement and Purpose, and have an enduring interest in the Reservation are eligible to be members of the Association.


There are no other requirements or payment necessary to join the Association and to be placed on our contact list.


The Association is governed by a Board of Directors.


The Board is made up of the following Officers and other members responsible for carrying out mission statement and purpose.

  • President

  • Executive Vice President

  • Vice President – Activities

  • Vice President – Communications

  • Vice President – Historian

  • Vice President – Membership

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Committee Chairs

  • Members At Large


(Board Member Contact Info Available Below)

Many Hands Make Light Work!
Board Contacts
CRA Board of Directors

Bill Daley


Ed D'Apice

Executive Vice President

Tim Haag

Immediate Past President

Dave Morris


Steve Sudak

VP Historian

Mark Sikora

VP Communications

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