The Camp Read Association relies on donations from its members to operate and fulfill its primary mission to support the camp and the Greater Hudson Valley Council. Your support is needed and greatly appreciated!

Friends of Read

Annual donations to the  "Friends of Read" campaign are requested by the end of March each year (we will however gladly accept donations anytime throughout the year). For those that supported the Association in past years, our most sincere thanks. 


The Board of Directors feels strongly that membership in the Association NOT be tied to dues payment: the only qualification for membership is your dedicated interest in Camp Read. 


As such, donations may be considered a tax-deductible contribution.

The easiest way to donate is to do it online!

But, if you'd prefer to donate by check, you can click this PDF icon to download donation forms.

Memorials & Tributes

The Camp Read Association accepts donation for a memorial or tribute to an individual or group. 


The tribute or honor can be for recognition of birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, awards, or in memory of a departed relative or friend.

We will post the information in our bi-annual Newsletter and acknowledgement letters will be sent to you and to the person being recognized or to the family (if the donation is in memoriam).