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Welcome to the Archive

Archivist's note: These Albums used to be on Picasa - which served us well as anyone could easily search for, locate, and browse all our albums.

When Google discontinued Picasa and replaced it with Google Photos - the whole dynamic changed. The only way to find and browse our Archives was to be sent an individual link to each and every album.


Below are all the links to the albums.

A forthcoming effort will migrate these photos from Google Drive onto this site, so they can be as discoverable & accessible as they once were.

Fall Hike Weekend, September 2021

Camp Read 9th Reunion and 100th Jubilee - Brant Lake, NY June 27-30 2019

The Hermitage: The Brant Lake Property of Mr. C.L. Collins before it was Camp Read

The Hermitage II: Historical Documents from the Brant Lake Historical Society

Anthony Sturla Collection of Joe Cooke Memorabilia

Joe Cooke Album Spanning the Early Years of Camp Read at Long Pond to the Later years at Brant Lake

George Brown Album

Red Scrap Book From the First Camp Season at Brant Lake, NY - 1949

Blue Scrap Book - 1947 Camp Season at Copake, NY

Certificate of Service to Camp Presented to Russ and Lanie Turner- 2006

Historic Artifacts at Curtis S. Read Scout Reservation

Boland Album: "Mostly Camp Read" - Brant Lake, NY Circa 1955

Jim Smith's Miscellaneous Image Collection 1: Brant Lake NY 1960's-1980's

7th CRA Reunion -July 2009

Ron Phillips Collection - Mostly Camp Tomahawk Circa 1960's Read Scout Reservation Brant Lake, NY

2010 Camp Read Association Potluck Dinner

Dedication of the Kenneth F. Hadermann Lean-To - June 12, 2010

Hans Elsevier Collection

Bob Schuler Collection 1 - Mostly Read Scout Reservation Brant Lake, NY Circa Late 1960's

Work Weekend 2014

Richard Trier Collection: Camp Read and other Personal BSA Memorabilia

8th Camp Read Alumni Reunion- June 2014

Fourth Period Games

1946 Camp Read Staff Manual

Camp Read Patches

2015 Camp Read Association Potluck Dinner

Bill Riesz Collection of Camp Read Neckerchiefs from the 1950's

John Farley Collection: Volume 1

John Farley Collection: Volume 2

John Farley Collection: Volume 3

John Farley Collection: Volume 4

John Farley Collection: Volume 5

John Farley Collection: Volume 6

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