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Dedication of Recently Restored Hermitage Gates: Peter Scott Oberdorf

At 5:30pm, on Saturday, September 30, 2023, attendees of the Fall Hike Weekend gathered at the Ranger’s Shop to recognize Peter Scott Oberdorf for initiating and funding the restoration of the Hermitage Gates (stone walls adjacent to the shop).

Riker - Dietz Remarks.HEIC

Tom Dietz spoke about how Peter has supported Camp Read for 72 years, and the Camp Read Association since its inception 34 years ago. 

Tom Dietz's Remarks

Peter has been at Camp Read every year since 1951.  He is one of the founding fathers who organized the first 3 reunions at camp (1979, 84, & 89), and the formation of the “formal” Association in 1989.  Peter has served the Association in many capacities including President (3rd.), Legal Consultant, and Advisor.  He has also spearheaded and funded several other projects in support of preserving the historical structures at camp, including the Boland Lodge restoration.  Peter has worn many hats at Camp as well, from Camper to Scoutmaster; and from Waterfront to Reservation Director.  He was also my Swimming Merit Badge Instructor (I was 13), and a lifelong friend. Thanks, Peter, for all you do!

Reid T. Reynold's Remarks

I Wouldn't Be Here Were It Not for Peter

I wouldn’t be here were it not for Peter. With a recommendation from Dan Rile, my Wyandot scoutmaster, I got a job as Senior Patrol Leader here in 1958. Peter was my Scoutmaster; Micky Venuti was his assistant. Peter, Mickey, and I had lunch together last Monday at Peter’s place on Schroon Lake. How many troop leadership teams have stayed in touch for 65 years? Not many. But then there are few who have done so much for Camp Read and its alumni association as Peter!

I suspect many of us come back to Read from time to time because our time here had an important impact on who we became. With Peter’s guidance, I learned what leadership by example looked like. I learned that boys and men of diverse backgrounds and talents could not only get along: we could pitch a tent and cook a meal together; we could grow together; we could have fun together!

Now, in our waning years, we can look back together, enjoy each other’s company, and celebrate what Camp Read has been for thousands of men and boys. We can do what we can to ensure that future generations of men and boys can experience the benefits of scouting and the wonders of the outdoors here at Camp Read.

Thank you, Peter!

Trier 4.jpg

Peter and Ron Green (Chairman of the Contributions Committee) pose with the new plaque.

Ron Green's Remarks

"Peter is a man with a big heart and his heart is in everything he does.  He cares very much for Camp Read and his friends as you can tell by everything that was said here today.  That big heart has led Peter to be co-founder of the Camp Read Association, and to stay in touch with the many friends he’s made at Camp Read and through all his years in Scouting.

Reid Reynolds said it best, that he would not be here today if it wasn’t for Peter staying in touch since 1958.  This also applies to many of us here today, and to many more who belong to the Association.

As Tom mentioned, Peter has served Camp Read well over the years by helping preserve its history, and through funding many projects.  In addition to his financial support, he has donated his time and shared his knowledge and experience to make Camp Read a better place, and the Association a strong and thriving organization.

Peter, thanks for all you do for the Camp and the Association. On behalf of the Association, we thank you for funding this project and are very proud to have your name on this Hermitage Gate."

Neely 1.2.jpeg

Peter, his sister Ann, and Tim Haag after the dedication.


~ circa 1890 ~

Restoration Funded in 2022 by Peter Scott Oberdorf

[from 1951: camper, staff, Eagle Scout, co-founder CRA, staff-parent, director]

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