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- Upcoming Events -

Spring Potluck Dinner 2023

(Canceled) Saturday 4/1/23 - 5:30pm gathering, 6:00pm dinner

Church of the Holy Communion - 1055 Route 6, Mahopac, NY 10541

• Each family is asked to bring a main dish, appetizer, salad, side dish or dessert.
• Would you like to share a remembrance or lead a song or skit? Let Tom know.
• If you can, please help with the clean up. Many hands make light work!
• Please invite a Camp Read friend you haven’t seen in a while!


  • CRA members who've paid through 2023 - Free

  • Current Camp Read Staff members - Free

  • Children under 12 - Free

  • Others - $10.00 if paid by March 20, $15.00 at the door

You get:

  • An evening with old and new friends

  • A time to swap stories and remember Camp Read history

  • An opportunity to learn what is new at camp

E-mail Reservation to: Tom Dietz at

- or - 


Mail reservation form: to 28 Englewood Terr., Mahopac, NY 10541


Questions, or want to volunteer to help? e-mail Tom:


More info coming soon, watch for eBlasts & Watch This Spot.

Fishing Dock Installation Work Weekends

Dates To Be Determined

Eager Beaver Work Weekend

June 9 - 11, 2023

Annual Fall Hike at Read

September 29 - October 1, 2023

- Past Events -

Alumni Holiday Dinner

(Past Event) Friday, January 6, 2023

Greater Hudson Valley Council, BSA & The Camp Read Association hosted a night of fellowship, fun, and great food at the beautiful Jones Cabin at Durland Scout Reservation

on Clear Lake Road in Putnam Valley, NY 10579

6:00pm to 6:30pm - Fellowship / Hors d'oeuvres

6:30pm to 8:30pm - Dinner of Hot Food! & Soft Drinks

Thanks for a Great Summer, and Congratulations to Liam Montgomery, Alex Duque, Abe Marron, and Mariposa Condron for their special achievements!

Annual Camp Read Fall Hike Weekend

(Past Event) Friday evening 9/30 thru Sunday, 10/2, 2022

Curtis S. Read Scout Reservation

The “Friends of Camp Read” met for a weekend of fun and adventure in the fall.


Eager Beaver Work Weekend

(Past Event) Friday evening 6/10 thru Sunday, 6/12, 2022

Curtis S. Read Scout Reservation

The CRA came together to help the Greater Hudson Valley Council and Camp Read get ready for the Summer 2022!

As usual, it was a weekend of fun, fellowship and yes – work for this annual event. Lodging and meals were offered at no cost. We undertook many important projects for the betterment of camp.

Spring Dinner 2022

(Past Event) Saturday 3/26/22 - 5:30pm start, 6:00pm dinner

Church of the Holy Communion - 1055 Route 6, Mahopac, NY 10541

Spring Dinner 2022
Fall Hike

Fall Hike Weekend 2021

(Past Event) Friday 9/24/21 – Sunday 9/26, 2021

Curtis S. Read Scout Reservation

We had a weekend of fun and fellowship at our annual fall event in the beautiful Adirondack mountains!

Eager Beaver Work Weekend Recap
(Past Event) 6/4/21 - 6/6/21

The Camp Read Association and the Order of the Arrow, Ktemaque Lodge descended upon Camp Read for a weekend of fun, fellowship, and yes – work for this annual event.

Waubeeka Tent Erection 2021
Eager Beaver
Fall Hike Weekend Recap
Friday October 4 - Sunday October 6, 2019 - Curtis S. Read Scout Reservation

Friday October 4 (Mt. Stevens Patrol):

A few early birds, Ron Green, Rich Lutomski and Tom Dietz, where at camp to finish up some leftover reunion business and took the time in the morning for Breakfast at the Hot Biscuit in Ticonderoga and then to visit Ranger Bob Newton at the Heritage Commons assisted living facility just up the block.  Bob was sleepy but seemed to be doing ok.

Upon returning to camp, the trio met Bill Daley, whom had arrived with provisions for the weekend, and Bill “Mustang” Brucker.  “Mustang” finished moving in, read two chapters of his book in the peaceful quiet that camp can provide, and then went fishing.  Since it had turned out to be a nice day, partly cloudy with a high of 50 degrees, the rest of us decided to hike up Mt Stevens.  So off we went to do one of the ‘classic hikes” once again.  The young ones (Bill & Ron) led the way and the older guys (Rich & Tom) were allowed to go at their own pace.  It took us twice as long as the “normal pace” but following the white trail is a bit easier than we remembered.  We reached the summit and immediately focused on that magnificent view of Brant Lake.  A few of us ventured to the back side of Stevens to see Pharaoh Mtn. but were disappointed that you can’t see the lake anymore due to the tall pines.  Like us, they too have grown over the years.

The descent was as remembered, slow and steady, and we were almost to the base when Richie’s knee gave out and he took a tumble.  A 6” diameter maple stopped his roll but dented his side and back.  One trek stick was reformed into the shape of an “L” and we teased Richie that it stood for Lutomski.  The remainder of the descent was uneventful but Rich spent the rest of the evening caressing an ice pack and staying in his bunk resting.

As we returned to the Buckskin Office, we met up with the rest of our Fall Hike participants.  We ventured over to Peter Oberdorf’s Schroon Lake Boat House for Pizza and fellowship.  Thanks to Peter for his most gracious hospitality!  Those in attendance included: Denise Boland, Ed D’Apice, Tom Dietz, Ron Green, Peter, Denis Pisanello, and Simon Langham Riker.  We also had 4 “Bills”: Brucker, Daley, Langham, and Hardis.  Upon hearing of Richie’s mishap, Peter most astutely reminded us that we aren’t as young as we think, and to be mindful in exploring the rugged Adirondack Mountains!

Well that was a great first day to the weekend.  We welcomed three new sets of boots to the hiking gang: Simon and the Bills (Langham and Hardis).  They fit right in!  It is always a pleasure to see a father and son, Bill & Simon, come together to enjoy camp and each other!  Another father & son duo joined us on Saturday morning for breakfast, Tim & Ben Haag.  Are we seeing a trend?

We hope that our tails of adventure, comradery and just plain olde fun will entice you and your friends to join us next time!

To quote a few of the participants:

“Our fall hikes, the friendships and time together are priceless.”  Ron Green.

“Great hike, great weather, great company!”  Bill Daley.

“Oh shoot, I bent my pole”.  Rich Lutomski.

View From the Top of Mt. Stevens

Ron, Tom, Rich & Bill at the Summit

Thanks to Tim Haag for reporting on the Putnam Pond hike and Simon Langham Riker for recapping the adventures of the “Rye, NY Patrol”.  Also thanks to Bill D. and Denis for sharing the meal prep and cooking, and Bill Langham for preparing the Dutch oven “Dump Cake”!

Now onto the rest of the adventure ……………

Saturday October 5 (Putnam Pond Patrol):

On our annual Fall Hike Weekend, four individuals - - Bill Daley, Ron Green, Ben Haag and Tim Haag - - drove north from camp to Chilson, a section of the Town of Ticonderoga.  We began near the Putnam Pond boat launch and campground, an area that Bill and I had hiked on our annual weekend a few years ago.

On the previous hike, we were awed by the beauty of a number of small ponds, as well as the backdrop of hills colored by the beautiful fall foliage.  Our trip this time took us on a slightly different route, along Putnam Pond, through quiet trails on pine duff to Clear Pond, Rock Pond, and Heart Pond.  Each time our trail brought us to one of these beautiful ponds, the view seemed better than the last, with bursts of yellow, orange and red splashed against the greens of the conifers on the hills.  We stopped for lunch near the lean-to on Clear Pond and decided to walk a few yards through the trees and sit on rocks on the shore to eat and enjoy the view.  (A picture of this site is included.)  We enjoyed the peace and quiet and watched a few small fish dart around in the shallows just a few feet away.

Our path back to the Putnam Pond boat launch and campground took us past an abandoned graphite mine.  The tunnel into the side of a hill was accessible and we took a short break to explore this area as well as to enjoy the view of Putnam Pond through the woods nearby.  We walked past mining equipment and ruins of stone structures that had been abandoned for decades, perhaps over a century ago. 

From the quiet trails littered with vibrant fallen leaves to the mine telling its story of years ago to the peaceful ponds, it seemed that around every turn and in every clearing was a sight more awesome than the past.  We enjoyed perfect weather – a cloudless sky with cool, crisp temperatures in the low 50’s – a perfect day of hiking.

While we all have fond memories of Camp Read, and for many of us these memories began decades ago, we return year after year to enjoy not only the beauty and solitude of the Adirondacks, but the company of a group of true friends who share our love of the land.  It was difficult to head home after this awesome weekend of hiking, but we are all looking forward to the trails and our time together next fall.

Clear Pond on a Clear Day

Ron and Tim at Rock Pond

Saturday October 5 (Rye NY Patrol):

Three newcomers to the Camp Read Association Fall Weekend enjoyed a picture-perfect day of hikes near the reservation on Saturday, October 5 (Bill Langham, Bill Hardis, Simon Langham Riker). Due to one of the baby boomers sporting a blown knee (be careful how you dance at weddings), the hiking criteria for the day were short, sweet, and level trails. Thankfully, the area offers multiple options in that category. First: Spectacle Pond (1.7 miles in, 1.7 miles out: 3.4 miles total if you’re keeping track at home). Unclear if this was a lost-and-found or someone’s idea of “punny”.

Lest there be any doubt that the destination is in fact a pond, the trail climbs as it hugs a stream, and features several foot bridges, all in good shape. We shared the trail with several other hikers and groups, though noticed on signing out that this much activity was not reflected in the logs. This missing data is not only dangerous for hikers in the event of an emergency but could also mean the organizations monitoring usage could be way off in their measurements. Signs stressing the importance of signing in and out could go a long way. The climax: a peaceful scene with a beached rowboat collecting rainwater (why not flip it?), and both its oars (albeit one broken). Nearby, a sanctioned campsite with a makeshift bench and chars in the fire ring. Multiple clearings indicated beavers, though not much fauna to be seen beyond the birds and occasional Fido.

Next, Gull Pond (0.5 miles in, 0.5 miles out) bringing the grand total to 4.4 miles on the day. On our way there, passed the Adirondack General Store, which lured us inside afterwards. Our guidebook, printed in 1987, promised we’d drive a long dirt road, but it was actually well paved. Before we knew it, we’d hiked to the pond. Staggering cliff features opposite us defined the view; sheer rock dropping straight into the water, creating an impression of dramatic depth. Great lunch spot, and honestly more spectacular than Spectacle Pond itself. 50 degrees felt like more if you laid on a rock in the sun. The trip wouldn’t have been complete without a trip to the famous Oscar’s Smokehouse in Warrensburg. Well worth the traffic of the miles long tag sale event!

Bill L., Bill H. & Simon at the Trailhead

Spectacle Pond 

Spectacle Pond 

Staff Dinner
Staff Appreciation Dinner Recap
December 27, 2019 - Durland Scout Reservation

A total of 45 of the 2019 Staff attended and 7 Association members helped out. Good food and a great time was had by everyone! Special thanks to Ed D'Apice (CRA Executive VP) and Sandy Owens (WPC Camping Secretary) for coordination of this very successful event.

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